Come See for Yourself!

Guests are always welcome to visit the co-op for dinner any day at 6:30 p.m. Just send us an email. Here’s a map

Two D is…

  • that house at 2 Dickinson Street
  • a vegetarian co-op
  • vegan-friendly
  • the best community on campus

Two D is Princeton’s one and only vegetarian co-op, but we accept members of all eating persuasions. Members of the co-op cook dinner once a week with other members (no experience necessary!) and are welcome to eat at Two D all nights of the week. Members can come any time of the day or night to use the co-op kitchen or enjoy leftovers, fruit, cereal, bread, or anything else from our well-stocked pantry.

Two D cooks are inventive, so we never eat the same meal twice. Recent meals have included home-made tortilla chips, spanikopita, thai peanut noodles, teriyaki tofu, vegan macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and baklava. We have an extensive collection of cookbooks and we order a diverse array of produce and dry goods each week so every member can find something they’d love to make and eat.